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The Final Countdown #366Days Day 357


Maybe it’s because I was born in the heyday of the space program, but I expect a countdown to end in something spectacular. Rocket engines flaring, smoke billowing and the earth trembling. At the very least, a crystal-laden ball should descend marking the start of a new year, heralded by singing, dancing and kisses. 

Today marks day 10 of my countdown to the end of this #366Days challenge. It is almost inconceivable (anybody else think of The Princess Bride when I said that?) to me that almost a full year has passed. This time last year I had an urge to build consistency in my writing, and I’ve written every day for just 10 days shy of a full year. Nine now, I guess. 

What else can we achieve if we set our minds to it?

I lost one pound over Thanksgiving week, a week that included three birthdays celebrated with cake and pecan pie and chili and hot dogs. Oh, and that marvelous dressing. How? By consistently tracking what I ate. It helped keep me from my usual way of thinking that I’d already blown it so why care. 

I know this theme fits better in January, but is there something you’ve always wanted to do or some project you’ve thought you should try or a skill you wanted to build? There simply is no time like the present. 



And then put one day after another. We don’t have to wait for Jan. 1 to make a change. 

In early December I’ll have finished my year of blogs. My mind is already working out what its next challenge is. And my LoseIt app tells me I can reach my goal weight in 2017 if I keep making better choices. 

So, here’s to consistency and to reaching goals. One day and one small choice at a time. 

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