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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Dreams #366Days Day 358

Larry and I used to love the commercial about the girl who dreamed she had lunch with her high school boyfriend…and Cornelius from The Planet of the Apes. 

This weekend I’ve had an interesting journey of dreams. Larry and I were on vacation all of last week, but some of the people from my work returned to my dreams on Saturday. Along with a high school teacher/mother of a friend, a couple of college friends, and some characters from favorite TV shows I watched as a kid. I blame the latter on the That Girl reruns I’ve been watching. 

I love that my subconscious is sifting through all these people and trying to put together stories. I like to think it is my mind working on writing even when my fingers are not. 

The juxtaposition and the combinations of people are interesting. Can’t wait to play with some of those ideas while I am actually awake. 

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