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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Drinking Veggies #366Days Day 362

Sunday after lunch I went shopping for fruits and veggies to begin having a smoothie for breakfast every morning. I started with my favorite — spinach and Greek yogurt — and got some options to mix with it. 

Today I’m rounding out my first week and am pleased with my results so far. I haven’t been hungry. I have felt better for having healthier, more nutritious foods. And today, my fasting blood sugar — which was only in the low pre-diabetic range — is almost back to normal. 

I’ve been doing research online to find the perfect mixture of nutrition and antioxidants. What I’ve found is a wonderful list of the perfect ingredients which is then completely refuted by the next site I go, too. The internet, it seems, has no shortage of opinions on the topic of smoothie must-haves, but what it lacks is agreement. 

So, I thought I’d ask for your advice. Any smoothie aficionados out there with a recipe you’d recommend or an ingredient I should try?

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