Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer


Today has seemed a bit off and slightly out of balance. Doctors warn against suddenly stopping taking medication, and I wonder if suddenly stopping blogging can have the same effects. 

I’ve felt like I forgot to say good morning to my friends. A couple of you have mentioned that you missed getting the early morning email saying there was a new post. I told Larry at the breakfast table that I felt almost guilty for not writing first thing this morning.  

The simple fact is I couldn’t make it through the full day. I had a few moments between one thing and the next, and the most natural response seemed to be clicking on my WordPress app and dashing off a post. 

There are worse things for a writer, I imagine, than wanting to write, worse addictions than a blog. A tiny portion of my mind wonders if it is just a tried and true way to procrastinate, but who has time to worry about that? I’ve got to run to get to my evening plans. 

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