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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

The Flowers without The Work

“I wish I could dance like that.”

“I wish I could sing like that.”

“I wish I could throw a football like that.”

“I wish I had a garden filled with pretty flowers.”

“I wish I could lose weight.”

“I wish I were more fit.”

That’s a pretty common list of wishes, things we’d like to have in our lives, skills we’d love to add to our resume. For many of us, though, the concepts of practice or exercise or even toiling in the dirt for hours makes us need a cool drink and a place to sit down and rest. 

We want, basically, the flowers without the work. 

We see the garden blooms, the well-toned muscles, or the flawless steps and think they must have sprung full grown into that person’s life. We don’t see the hours and hours of disciplined practice. 

It’s an easy trap to fall into and one that leaves us forever wishing and dreaming of things that will never be, at least they won’t be if all we do is wish. 

I’m four days into my Christmas break, and I’ve yet to find a big hunk of time for concentrated writing. Sure, I’ve caught some episodes of this tv show or that one, but time to sit at the computer and work on my craft? Nope. Only a stolen moment here or there. 

I’m not being too hard on myself. I am still in full-on Christmas mode with cooking and wrapping and shopping and just being with the ones we love. 

But I know the days after Christmas are coming, and I need to determine to use them differently if I want to accomplish my writing goals for 2017. Scheduling in time for practicing my craft is a must. 

The same is true with other goals that you and I may have for the new year. It’s not enough to wish for a change. We need to develop concrete plans to make them happen and then get to work carrying out those plans. 

It’s what will take something from being a mere resolution for the new year to being something we are resolved to do. 

Committed. Determined. Laser-focused. 

Those sound a whole lot better than just wishful. 

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