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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Living in a Future World

When I was a kid, there was a song about partying like it was 1999. We figured we’d all be traveling around in space by 2001. Those are distant memories, here in the future world of 2017. 

I marvel sometimes at the things my daddy witnessed in his lifetime: trading radio for tv for the internet, progressing from airplanes to space flight. It’s easy to marvel at the progress of it all, and I’m thankful to have been born in a time of doctors and indoor plumbing. 

But as I turn the corner from 46 headed squarely toward 47, I can’t help but wonder what changes are ahead. We’re heading to the 3-d movie theatre to see the new Star Wars so maybe that counts as research. 

It does make one imagine what wonders there may be out there somewhere beyond the horizon of this new year. 

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