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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

This May Get Personal

I did my bible reading this morning from a bible that belonged to my daddy. Mother gave it to him on their 14th anniversary in the March before I turned 5.

The pages have marks where he wanted to draw attention to a particular verse or passage. Sometimes there are notes that say “Start” and “End” that I imagine outline passages he taught in Sunday School. Seeing remnants of his interactions with the Word of God made me think about my own bible reading, now often done in a digital format that won’t degrade, but also won’t show the signs of time spent in the pages of God’s holy word.

I love the ease of access of electronic bibles, but I felt a deeper sense of connection with the leather cover touching my hands as my eyes moved across the red and black words in my New Testament reading.

I’m thankful to have this tangible piece of Daddy’s spiritual life to hold on to, but as I read it and my devotional readings for the day, I was reminded of the lesson that was taught the day I gave my heart to Jesus.

The youth of our church presented a skit about a girl trying to get to Heaven on a train. She’d borrowed small pieces of other people’s tickets — of their faith. She had some from her parents. A smidge from this friend and that one. A little offering from Sunday School teachers and preachers. But when she tried to board the train, a puff of wind blew away her corners of borrowed tickets. She had none of her own.

I am thankful for the faith of my parents and for the influence of so many in my life, but I’m also thankful that God called me personally and invited me into a relationship with Him and that I accepted.

Have you done the same? And if so, are you building that relationship with Him personally?

In Priscilla Shirer’s Awaken, I read this morning about having a tailor made experience with the Good Shepherd: “Among the many rights and privileges we enjoy as Christ’s followers is the blessing of hearing His voice, one on one. Custom-made for every child in the family. No matter your personality, weakness, deficiencies, or background, the Good Shepherd knows where you are, loves you as His own, and knows how to speak so that you can hear and know where He is leading you. Personally.”

In the words of the prophet Samuel when he was just a boy may we pray, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

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