Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Books, Beginnings & Broken Glass

Today was the day.

Inspired by a book I’m reading I was going to get out of bed immediately when my alarm went off, read my Bible while sipping my coffee, and then write a new blog post–all before heading to Sunday School.

I’d made it up and to the kitchen when all my plans came crashing down, along with a glass mushroom jar I’d washed for recycling.

Shards of glass, tiny and large, lay across the unforgiving tiles of our kitchen floor. My belief I could actually take positive action now littered the floor of my heart.

Larry helped me clear the glass mess, but I needed prayer and God’s Word to clear the other.

See, once that glass shattered, I’d immediately started hearing things like “Did you really think God could use you? You’re such a mess.”

“You should’ve stayed in bed. If you had none of this would’ve happened.”

“Might as well just watch TV since this is all the good you can do!”

And suddenly the voices sounded really familiar: I’d read about them just last night in a book called “Down, Not Out” that my cousin recommended.

One chapter I read last night reminds us that Satan is an opportunistic liar. He tries to deceive us like he did in the Garden of Eden and like he tried with Jesus. And, using the same tactics he did with Jesus, he’ll swoop in like a vulture when we’re tired and weak. He’ll throw stumbling blocks and broken glass in our path just to test us to see if we’re really committed to God.

If you’re in a mess of shattered glass and broken dreams, let me offer you hope from “Down, Not Out”:

Attack is Satan’s game; victory is not.

Did you catch that? Satan is a LOSER!

He doesn’t win the ultimate war, and when we draw our strength from God and wear the spiritual armor He gives, Satan doesn’t win against us.

I told those lying voices in my head to be quiet and prayed for God to help me share this story with you to remind us of the most important thing:

In Christ, we are on the winning side. Let’s live like it!

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