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Dawn Tolbert | Writer
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A Touch of March Madness

Yesterday, my undergrad alma mater made its first trip to the NCAA men’s basketball tourney.

I got home from work during halftime, pleasantly surprised to see my Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs leading the No. 1 seed. I joined in the social media buzz and cheered hard.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, I connected with some old friends on Facebook, as we all basked in the unfamiliar spotlight.

I’ve worked in higher ed for just about a month shy of 24 years. I have “families” at both institutions where I’ve worked and, to a lesser degree, at the two institutions where I did my graduate degrees. But yesterday made me realize it’s not often I connect with my first college family.

I woke up about 4 this morning thinking of folks I haven’t seen in years and wondering where life’s taken them. It’s hard for me to measure how much my time in Boiling Springs, NC–my time with these people–shaped me.

But I will tell you: it’s a whole lot.

I’m grateful for the journey, the friends, and the Runnin’ Bulldog pride that still runs in my blood.

I expect our team will be back at the dance again someday, and we grads look forward to cheering them on.

In the meantime, I may need to make a little trip up I-85 and see what else is new in my old world.

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