Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer
Faith Reflections

Pausing to Praise

I’m sitting outside, enjoying the fleeting moments of the first weekend in May. This is (besides Christmas) my favorite time of the year.

A cool breeze is blowing from the west, and the sun is heading quickly toward the horizon. The sunlight slants through the trees, and the bird song is joined by only an occasional passing car and the neighbor’s air conditioner humming. There’s only one wispy cloud in the sky.

It’s the kind of evening I’d like to bottle and open on a hot July afternoon just to take a sip of its coolness.

A small airplane buzzes overhead, and I will admit to being a little cold.

But I stay here, my heart full as I soak in the beauty around me and reflect on the blessings in my life.

Today, we’ve celebrated the godly man who has shepherded our church while we were searching for a pastor. We honored the senior adults who have and continue to serve our church so well.

I talked with my aunt on her 96th birthday, went out to lunch with my love, talked to my brother by phone, and had a walk and dinner with my mother, sister, and nephew.

And as the evening gathers closer and closer to night, I am wholly thankful.

For my family.

For my church family and forever friends.

For this moment of peace and the peace we are given even in moments of chaos.

For, as the hymn says, the beauty of the Earth.

For the diversity of the calls of the birds and of the humans who share this world.

And I praise the Creator, the Ancient of Days who formed it all with the Word.

Take a moment to press pause on your busyness and see what blessings you can count.

You’re welcome to pull up a chair with me, but you might need to bring a sweater.

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