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Dawn Tolbert | Writer
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For Better, For Worse

Larry and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary today. It seems like such a long time, and, inside my head, I don’t feel old enough to have reached this milestone!

As I’ve been reflecting on the past quarter of a century (👀), I am thankful for the gift God gave me in Larry. I think He knew I would need someone who would lead through example more than words and who would demonstrate the love of Christ in tangible ways.

When the 24-year-old Dawn stood and repeated vows that said “for better, for worse,” she had no idea what that really meant.

We’ve walked together through successes and through heart-wrenching loss, through special times and days so mind-numbingly normal that they might bring tears to my eyes. And so much of life happens in the in-between.

Along the way, we’ve found a sync in our steps. I won’t pretend that we are perfect. We both are still learning what life and love should look like, but I’m thankful to have this good man beside me on the journey.

Happy anniversary, Larry! ❤️

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