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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Missing Diamonds

I’ve had a loose prong on my wedding ring for a while now. I meant to get it fixed but had opted to not wear it for the time being.

Then our church directory photos rolled around.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to wear the ring for the pictures. And I was right. Everything went fine at the photo shoot.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take the ring off after I got home, and that night, while enjoying tacos at the fair, I glanced down to see a gaping hole in the center of my ring.

I have no idea if I lost the diamond at the fair, in Larry’s truck, or somewhere in the house. It’s been a week, and it hasn’t turned up.

Last night, as I looked at the hole in my ring, I realized it resembled the hole in my heart that’s been building as the calendar neared September 21.

On this day three years ago, my daddy passed away, leaving a void much deeper than the one in my ring. I still miss him every day and wish I could talk to him about so many things.

Or about nothing in particular.

Tonight, as I settle down to write, I realize that inside the void is gratitude for the gift we were given by having him as our daddy. He was our very own diamond.

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  1. I’m so sorry! I hope you find your diamond! September 13th was my dad’s birthday. He would have only been 73. Hard to believe he’s been gone almost 11 years. Still things I wish I could tell him. He would have loved that I play tennis now. He was a huge tennis fan. ❤️

  2. I am so sorry that you lost your diamond out of your ring. I understand exactly how you have been feeling missing your father. I lost my mother on September 22nd three years ago. I have had a hard time for the last month remembering her and how much I miss both of my parents. I agree with you, we were very blessed to have had our parents. They were wonderful Christian parents that taught us so much. We now are more prepared to live our life and to share with others along the way. Thank you for sharing!! I am praying for you and your family. <3

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