Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer
Faith Reflections

Word of the day?

Driving to work this morning, I kept thinking one specific word: grace.

Of course, my mind went first to the greatest grace — that free gift God offers to us. I once heard it described using the acrostic






Such a beautiful summary of a truly amazing gift. I marveled at God’s grace and thanked Him for it.

As the miles passed underneath my tires, the word kept bubbling up in my mind, and I began to wonder “what else am I supposed to learn about grace? God, what are you saying to me?“

I began to think about the grace I’ve received from others. Even when I don’t deserve it.

Especially when I don’t deserve it! That’s the point of grace, after all

I thanked God for that grace, too.

Then I felt almost like I’d heard the word spoken aloud.


And it was suddenly clear. I’d been focusing on grace I’ve received, but, while that filled me with gratitude, I also needed to consider how easily I offer grace to others.

Is grace my default setting? Uhm, in my best moments I’d like to think it is sometimes. But what about my worst moments? Am I grace-filled and grace-giving?

I wish I could say I was. I can say that I am making it a matter of prayer.

I lost count of how many times I heard grace being discussed today: at least three separate times at work, once over lunch, and a few times in the car. Each time, I felt my morning prayer encounter come back to mind, and I thanked God for what He was teaching me.

On this first day of the month of thankfulness, I was reminded how very much I need grace. From God and from people. I am so thankful for that gift!

And I realized how clearly I am called to extend grace to others. It’s part of loving them as I love myself. It’s part of being the light of Christ in a dark world.

My prayer is that I may grow in my ability to reflect the love of Christ through the grace I show others.

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