My Writing Journey

I began the new year in 2015 with the theme Emerge and a desire to find a way to use my writing talents to honor God. In a blog post I wrote at the time, I outlined my plan “to step out of the current of daily busyness and emerge to be more fully the person I was created to be.” To accomplish that goal, I decided to focus on five areas:

  1. To actively pursue Jesus and His kingdom
  2. To practice daily gratitude and perform acts of kindness
  3. To practice self-care
  4. To write
  5. To move toward being debt-free

Each of those remains an important part of my life’s journey, and it is amazing to me to look back on how God has been faithful to guide me on this journey in the more than two years since I wrote that post.

This website focuses most specifically on my writing journey so I’ll zero in there. In the same post mentioned above, I wrote, “When I think about the concept of emerge, one of the scariest areas for me is in my writing. Yes, I am aware that I have a job in which I write for a living. Yes, I know I’ve been writing professionally for close to 25 years. But that term—writer—is a scary word. In 2015, I am working to emerge from my fear and embrace my writing.”

In February 2015, I wrote the first draft of a novel, which has since been revised more than once and is out in the email inboxes of some agents that I pray will find it worthy of representing. That fall, my friend Dana and I launched a joint venture called The Pink Typewriter Project, which is our tangible way of working to make a difference in the world — to choose to be positive and to encourage positivity in others. In December of that year, I began a personal writing challenge to blog each day for a year. Of course, I started that just before 2016, which was a Leap Year, so it took me 366 days to accomplish my goal.

As I wrote each day, I became more in tune with God’s purposes for my writing. I had no idea when I started the journey that I would lose my father during that year and that my writing would help carry me through that time and help my family express our grief and our thankfulness for the life he lived. I had no idea when I began that God would call me to go further with my writing.

On this side of my #366Days challenge, I feel called to write for women and to write about God’s goodness and about lessons we can learn from His word. I have no idea where the journey will take me, but I invite you to come along with me. Subscribe to the blog using the form on this page, follow my Dawn Tolbert Writer page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

And, please, join in the conversation. Faith grows in community, and I’m thankful to have each of you with me on this journey. I pray my words will be a blessing in some way. But most of all, I pray the following from Psalm 19:14:

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart (and fingers) be pleasing to You, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.